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Points of Interest


Disaster Monuments at Konpira Craters

The mudflows from the volcanic eruptions in 2000 carried away a bridge and damaged the public bath facility, and the remains of the structures are preserved. (not accessible during winter)


Konpira Craters

Two craters, formed in Mount Konpira in the 2000 eruptions, have ceased their volcanic activities and turned into caldera lakes. The lakes can be seen from the nearby hills. (not accessible during winter)


Craters at the Foot of Mount Nishiyama

About 30 volcanic craters created in the 2000 eruptions still remain active. These craters with rising steam can be observed from the promenade. (access permission required during winter)


1977 Volcano Remnants Park

1977 Volcano Remnants Park preserves the remains (ex. damaged hospital building) destroyed by the volcanic eruptions of Mount Usu in 1977. (closed during winter)


Showashinzan Iron Bridge Remnants Park

Climbing a stair of about 100 steps near Route 453 takes you to the ruin of the iron railway bridge footings lifted by the upheaval of Showashinzan. (closed during winter)