A tourist attraction

Higashikohan and Sobetsu Area


Woods and Forests of the Countryside Center

Woods and Forests of the Countryside Center is an experience-based learning facility of forestry and offers various woodworking craft programs. Camp facilities are included in the premise. You can also enjoy astronomical observations at the observatory dome annexed to the center. (closed during winter)


Takinoue Camp Site

A serene recreational camp site on the lakeshore in the forest near Sobetsu Park. (closed during winter)


Sobetsu Park and Sobetsu Waterfall

Sobestu Park is well known for the observatory deck with a wonderful view of Mount Youtei and the grove of plum trees. Sobetsu River, which is the only outflowing river of Lake Toya, feeds Sobetsu Waterfall, which drops from the height of 18 meters. (not accessible during winter)
Please note: there are two rivers named Sobetsu River around Lake Toya. This Sobetsu River flows out of Lake Toya at the southern shore, and the other flows into the lake at the northern shore.


Sobetsu Tourism Information Center

Sobetsu Tourism Information Center, sitting along Route 453, is a local information and communication facility with rest rooms, parking, and a market selling local fresh products. The local information section is being renovated and scheduled to re-open in April, 2008.