A tourist attraction

Takarada and Hayatsukiyama Area


Sobetsu River

Spawning cherry salmon abound in this river and it has a superb two kilometer-long promenade course along its riverbank. (promenade closed during winter)
Please note: there are two rivers named Sobetsu River around Lake Toya. This Sobetsu River flows into Lake Toya at the northern shore, and the other flows out of the lake at the southern shore.


Toya Takarada Nature Experience House

Toya Takarada Nature Experience House introduces the natural environment of Lake Toya and the Takarada district. The house provides various nature experience programs such as Soba (traditional Japanese buckwheat noodles) making and milling in the mill.


Takarada Camping Site

Takarada Camping Site is a camp ground surrounded by the woods and field on the lakeshore. The site offers regular tent sites as well as automobile sites, a multipurpose sports ground and sports communication complex, event halls and other facilities. (closed during winter)


Path in the Forest of Waterfront (Takarada Nature Trail)

This nature trail has 1.8 kilometers through the wild forest in the lake side area of Takarada. Along the trail are giant trees and bird watching cabins. (closed during winter)


Eboshi Rock (Eboshi Iwa)

"Eboshi" is a tall hat worn by male aristocrats in Heian Period (the eighth century to 12th century), and they named this unique-shaped rock resembling the hat "Eboshi Rock". From the top of the mountain you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of Lake Toya. (closed)


Neiparu Toya Youth Nature House

As a comprehensive lodging facility, Neiparu Toya Youth Nature House plays an important role in offering nature experience programs. Any groups lead by an adult are welcomed.(closed in 1994)


Yoshitsune Rock (Yoshitsune Iwa)

Minamoto no Yoshitsune, a tragic "samurai" hero from the 12th century, is legendarily said that he hid in this rock trying to escape from enemies. The rock is roughly 50-meter high, and in the cave a Buddhism statue is currently enshrined. (not accessible during winter)