A tourist attraction

Toyamachi Area


Takeshiro Hill Park (Takeshirozaka Park)

An explorer in the late Edo period, Takeshiro Matsuura, investigated around Lake Toya in 1875. Takeshiro was impressed by the scenery of the lake from the hill, which he later described in his travel journal. (closed during winter)


The Station of Water (Toya Mizu no Eki)

The Station of Water (Toya Mizu no Eki) is a local information facility of the northern part of the Lake Toya area with souvenir shops and cafeteria.


Central Park and Small Park (Chuo Koen and Sho Koen)

Lakeshore parks with camping sites. Wild ducks and swans can be seen from time to time. (closed during winter)


Akebono Park and Ukimido Park

Ukimido, which is located on a small landfast island, has a small two-story temple that enshrines a statue of Prince Shotoku, a regent from the sixth century. Akebono Park with camping sites is located nearby. (closed during winter)