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Showashinzan Area


1977 Volcano Remnants Park

1977 Volcano Remnants Park preserves the remains (ex. damaged hospital building) destroyed by the volcanic eruptions of Mount Usu in 1977. (closed during winter)


Shinzan Swamp and Sobetsu River

Sobetsu River is the only river which outflows from Lake Toya. Shinzan Swamp was formed due to the eminence of Showashinzan in 1944.
Please note: there are two rivers named Sobetsu River around Lake Toya. This Sobetsu River flows out of Lake Toya at the southern shore, and the other flows into the lake at the northern shore.


Shinzan Swamp Observatory Park

At Shinzan Swamp Observatory Park, unique geologic layers built of Mount Usu's volcanic products can be observed. (closed during winter)


Showashinzan Iron Bridge Remnants Park

Climbing a stair of about 100 steps near Route 453 takes you to the ruin of the iron railway bridge footings lifted by the upheaval of Showashinzan. (closed during winter)


Masao Mimatsu Memorial Museum

Showashinzan, literally meaning "Showa New Mountain" in Japanese, is a lava dome formed in 1944 in the middle of wheat fields. Masao Mimatsu Memorial Museum exhibits a wide variety of documents about Mount Usu and Showashinzan including meticulous record of the lava dome recorded by a local postmaster Masao Mimatsu.